'Twas the night before December
and all through the shop,
We elves have been shuffling gift ideas that just won't stop!
To thank you for your support and friendship so dear,  
We'll be sharing new specials, so lend us an ear!  
 You may learn something new from the products we share
or be inspired to create something way beyond compare!
Just delete the message if you don't want to shop these 12 Days,
please don't unsubscribe, we'll see you again in 31 days.
So, starting December 1st please check your daily e-mail
To discover the newly-offered item that's for sale.
They will be things you can use while you work on your quilt
Some specially priced, so you'll feel no guilt!
For your sewing basket or gift-giving, by a menorah or under a tree,
Our newly-assembled selection should certainly please.
Contact us each day you see something you simply can't live without
We'll gather them and hold them, so there's no need to pout!
Thanks once again, for your loyalty means so much!
We hope your holiday comes with just the right touch!


On the Eighth Day...
These Stash n Store notions never last long in the shop!  
And now this limited edition Ruby Red Stash n Store features the same useful silicone pockets and sturdy plastic base as all of the Stash 'n Stores, but is set apart with bright sparkles and gold lettering, a truly special notion offering.
This item's delivery has been delayed, so it may not be available for pick-up on the 15th... Sparkles could be a good way to welcome the new year!
MSRP $11.00   Now $9.99

Enjoy a peppermint drink

What you need to know 

If you are interested in any of the items featured in our 12days event, please email us at info@quiltemporium.com or call the shop.  The items are not available on the website right now at these special prices. Or make sure you are receiving our e-mail messages by subscribing below.

December 1st thru December 14th
we will feature a special price on items new to the shop or at a super great savings.   You are welcome to purchase one or all 12 items by e-mailing us or calling the shop on the day that it is offered.  It may or may not be available for purchase the following days, as some quantities are limited.  Please provide us with your name, phone number and today's item.  Let us know if you'd like the items shipped by including your address.  Shipping charges will apply.


On December 15th we can ship your items when they will all be charged in one transaction.  Items will vary in price beginning at $5.00.  You may order more than one of an item if you'd like, depending on availability (include this request in your phone call or e-mail).


Choose these items as gifts for your quilting friends or treat yourself.  Or let someone important in your life purchase them for you!


Should you find you need each and every one of the 12 items, you'll likely find some extra surprises in your bag... coupons, fabric, samples and other items quilters find necessary for survival!

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